Matt Healy Explains His Make Out Sesh With Harry Styles

If you’re a fan of The 1975, you’ve obviously seen their new video for “Love Me.” In it, the band channels a serious ’80s vibe, not only with the track, but aesthetics of the video.

A key element to the vid, is the inclusion of celebrity cardboard cutouts from Charlie XCX to Miley Cyrus, Ed Sheeran, Elvis and Harry Styles. While lead singer Matt Healy croons to the camera, dances with models and rocks out with his band, one of the more eye brow raising moments is when he goes in for a slobbery, tongue out, make out sesh with Harry’s cardboard cut out.

Sure the shot is fast, but was this a way of Matt admitting he’s a closet Directioner crushing hard on Harry like the rest of us? Mmmm maybe, but when MTV caught up with Matt he said it was just a spontaneous moment. “I didn’t know I was gonna make out with them. I just did it,” he explained. “None of my make out sessions are ever planned.”

Well let’s just hope we’re around next time he feels like having his next unplanned smooch fest.

Are you a fan of The 1975?