Justin Bieber’s Best And Worst Apologies Of 2015

Music in 2015 was defined by Adele, The 1989 Tour, and Justin Bieber‘s highly publicized struggle to get people to stop hating him. It took awhile, but after a few killer tunes and a smash album, Bieber is back on top. As redundant as his 2015 apology bonanza was, it totally worked. Here are Buzznet‘s picks for his best and worst apology-related appearances:


The Facebook Video – Seriously what was this? The video was all dark and grainy and awkward and self indulgent. I’m not sure how he got this past his manager and publicist, but it was all around weirdness and made us a little uncomfortable.

Ellen Show Appearances – Honestly, his various Ellen appearances were just hard to watch. It was all so forced. Also, spilling your guts tends to feel a little less authentic when he seems to be on that show every other week amirite?

AMA Performance – I’m sorry, but anyone who lives, visits, or reads about California knows the drought is real. It was pretty uncool of the Biebs to waste our precious resource on his ‘dramatic’ performance medley. Plus, everyone knows you can’t actually sing through sound equipment in that rain. So he’s lip syncing and wasting water. Double lame!



Carpool Karaoke – Justin Bieber appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden twice for the Carpool Karaoke segment. It was by far the most charming he’s ever been and Corden was the perfect wingman. It was the ideal platform for him to poke a little fun at himself and also throw in a few apologies. They go shopping in Volume 2 and it’s a real hoot.

The Song “Sorry” – I’d say cutting a super catchy, hit song is the best apology/revenge there is. This song is pretty undeniable. If this is what Bieber’s bringing from now on, we’re down.

Secret Handshake with Jimmy Fallon – OK, so I guess this wasn’t exactly an apology, but it was cute and endearing and it was definitely a reputation builder. Congrats, Justin – you’re back on top!