Hot Or Not: Ashley Benson As A Brunette

Ashley Benson is pretty much the perfect girl-next-door. She’s long held the position of Hollywood’s adorable slice of classic Americana, with shiny golden hair and bright blue eyes, which has turned more heads than one could count in a lifetime. The cool thing about Ashley is that, while she has all the looks of someone who would never hurt a fly, she’s got edge and isn’t afraid to show it and shock fans with a little drama.

Case-in-point, for her recent editorial with Flaunt magazine, Ash trade in her signature sunny strands for a rich chocolatey brown. The results are kind of phenomenal. Her eyes are popping, her look is suddenly a little sultrier, and there’s a maturity oozing our of every pixel.

70s @flauntmagazine

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I think she looks stunning as a brunette, but what do you think? Is Ashley’s new darker ‘do hot or not?