Gigi Hadid Proves Her Ultimate Cool To British Vogue

Gigi Hadid‘s reality is living in a world where eyes follow her every move, and big money is made thanks to being born naturally gorgeous. While we’ve all seen her amazing fashion campaigns for Top Shop and H&M, as well as watch her date one hot pop-star after another (Cody Simpson, Joe Jonas, and now Zayn Malik), we haven’t gotten a feel for who Gigi is and what her personality is really like, until now.

Gigi recently hung out with British Vogue, where they sat her down on a stool and asked her a slew of “What Who Gigi Hadid Do” questions, which she gave the absolute best answers to. Not only is Gigi totally badass when it comes to keeping herself grounded while living in the spotlight, but she has the kind of humor and comebacks that make you want her as your new BFF.

From fashion tips to advice and what she’d do if anyone messed with her younger sister Bella, it is an absolute MUST WATCH. Check out the video above!