Buzznet Premiere: Lady Low “Lonely Christmas”

The holidays are a time for merriment and cheer, but there’s no denying it can bring about big time emo feels. Not everyone wants to listen to classic Christmas carols while indulging in darker emotions, but thanks to LA based band Lady Low, their homage to holiday heartbreak, “Lonely Christmas,” pulls at just the right heartstrings to tap into seasonal sadness.

Stingingly sweet strings and sleigh bells support the song’s heartbreaking lyrics,”Christmas won’t bring us together/No Fa la la la for me/No presents under the Christmas tree/Under the mistletoe I hope my baby shows/Christmas isn’t the time to say goodbye,” punctuating with deadpan cheer, the loneliness and longing for love during a time of celebration.

The band is set to drop their debut album February 12, and if this song is any indication of what’s to come, it’s safe to say music fans should be ready to have Lady Low heavy in their playlist rotation.

**If you’re in LA tonight don’t miss your chance to head on over to Satellite Lounge to check out their show!**

Take “Lonely Christmas” for a spin above and check out more on their official website.