Buzz Bites: Vanessa Hudgens Has A Secret Instagram??

Wednesday already?? Wow! Let’s see what’s buzzing online…

Selena Gomez has admitted she’s got a “thing” for guys who hail from the same tiny town in England as her rumored love interest, Niall Horan.

Just when you got excited about The Hunger Games prequels, Jennifer Lawrence threw her two cents in and announced she is not cool with the idea.

Kylie Jenner‘s Lip Kit may have sold out in seconds, but customers are kinda pissed that they haven’t received their order yet. Eep! Better get better customer service Kylie!

Looks like Calvin Harris is totally tight with the Swift family. Caught by the paps chillin’ with Taylor and her mom Andrea, it doesn’t look like Calvin is going anywhere anytime soon! Awwww…

Annnd…Turns out Vanessa Hudgens has a secret Instagram account, and bestie Ashley Tisdale totally let the cat out of the bag via her Happy Birthday post to V. LOL