Buzz Bites: Demi Lovato Just Scored A Pretty Cool Gig

Waiiit…it’s already Wednesday? How did that happen? Let’s see what’s buzzing on the world wide web to get our hump day started right.

So Kylie Jenner is getting flack for posing in a wheelchair for her Interview cover story. Some people think it’s an insensitive move on her part.

CREDIT: Interview

Young Hollywood is running wild with the rumor that Hailee Steinfeld and Charlie Puth, MIGHT kinda be sort-of dating. Uhmmm that’s a pretty cute coupling, let’s hope it’s true!

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Sky Ferreira put haters on blast via her Instagram. There’s only so much hate one can take before they have to say something.

Kendall Jenner appeared in LOVE magazine’s holiday advent calendar and the video is pretty adorbs…check it out below!

Annnnd if Demi Lovato wasn’t already having the year of her life, she’s slated to perform in Times Square on New Year’s eve! Woo hoo!