5 Must Watch Movies To Spark Your Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is in full swing! Everywhere you look there are red Starbucks cups, Christmas trees, shiny lights, and poinsettias. If you’re struggling to get into the holiday spirit and classic black and white Christmas movies have lost their magic, here are five modern(ish!) day movies guaranteed to help you find your cheer.

Elf – Will Ferrell’s boundless enthusiasm as Buddy the Elf in this 2003 hit still holds up. It’s a fun holiday view and Zooey Deschanel is perfectly cast as his love interest. She’s exactly the kind of gal elves everywhere would swoon over!

Anyone who thinks Zooey and Ryan Gosling should combine forces in an elf comedy next year, say “I!”

The Holiday – Written and directed by romantic comedy powerhouse Nancy Meyers, The Holiday is a cute, heartwarming story about really attractive people finding love and holiday cheer again. Sure, it’s nearly a decade old, but with a superstar cast like Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, and Jack Black it’ll be hard to not enjoy cuddling up with your bae to watch this one.

Love Actually#Realtalk – Love Actually can be enjoyed year round. It’s one of the cutest, most heartwarming flicks ever. I stand by that. Of course, this Christmas movie is especially charming during the holidays. And remember, you are just as fly as Keira Knightley and “To me, you are perfect.”

I’ll Be Home For ChristmasI might be dating myself with this one, but for all you young bucks out there, Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the shit in 1998. He was like a one-man One Direction, Nick Jonas (without the sexy), or a TV-star equivalent to RPatz in 2007. When JTT’s holiday flick, I’ll Be Home For Christmas I hit theaters, teenage girls were stoked. This movie isn’t an Oscar winner by any means, but it’ll do the trick and get you excited for Christmas.

Home AloneWho can resist sweet little Macaulay Culkin in the 1990 holiday smash Home Alone? Try to ignore images of modern day Culkin when watching this movie. Instead, focus on a crafty, innocent little Macaulay who keeps Christmas intruders at bay with ingenuity and dangerous obstacles. Watching the littlest McCallister make it through the holidays is guaranteed to warm even the coldest hearts, especially as you watch all the characters endure very ‘90s #PreiPhoneproblems that don’t really exist in tech-driven 2015.