Listen: Hailee Steinfeld Drops ‘Hell Nos And Headphones’

Along with One Direction and Justin Bieber, Hailee Steinfeld is prepping to drop new music tomorrow, Nov. 13th. Her EP, Haiz has been generating a ton of buzz since the release of her single “#LoveMyself,” and to get us that much more excited for her fresh tunes, she’s released another track, “Hell Nos and Headphones.”

While Hailee may be besties with “it” girls like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato, she’s not conforming to any kind of clique culture, opting to use her music as an outlet to spread an empowering message of staying true to yourself. “Hell Nos And Headphones,” stands out as an unconventional pop song with some seriously rebellious undertones which you won’t have a hard time playing on repeat.

With infectious down tempo beats supporting Hailee’s smoky vocals, it’s safe to say Haiz doesn’t have a chance of disappointing fans. If anything it will be some of the most inspiring collection of songs to land in your ears this year.

Take “Hell Nos And Headphones” for a spin above and leave your thoughts on the track in the comments below!