Justin Bieber Has His Own Secret Twin Named Joob

I just can’t with this. Not too long ago we were all laughing about Demi Lovato‘s secret twin Poot who was made up from a distorted fan photo of Demi taken from a bad angle at a random meet and greet. Poot had apparently lived in Demi’s basement her whole life and once breaking free, started a Twitter, and got a few days of attention before being shut down by Demi who didn’t find it very amusing.

Well Poot is old news, now that Joob Bieber, the secret twin of Justin Bieber has hit the world wide web. According to Tumblr account , Joob has been chained to a bucket in their mother’s attic for being less talented than Justin. According to the post, “The bucket he was chained to may or may not be the same one Justin whizzed in causing the media controversy.” LOL. Who else is crying laughing??

No word from Justin about Joob…I’m keeping a finger crossed he’ll find it equally LOL worthy and roll with it. The best is when celebs can laugh at themselves and the hilariously weird things fans do to get their attention.

What do you think of Joob Bieber?