Exclusive: 10 Questions With Conrad Sewell

If you haven’t heard of Conrad Sewell, you’ve been seriously missing out. The Brisbane Australia bred recording artist has been making waves in the music industry thanks to his soulful voice and head turning good looks. His single, “Hold Me Up” is the kind of dance happy track you’ve been waiting for. With pop sensibilities to keep you moving, it’s kind-of impossible to not sing along and share with your friends. With the official video having over 1 million views, there’s plenty of people who agree Conrad is a star on the rise.

Buzznet had the chance to throw 10 get-to-know-you questions at Conrad, and this Friday he’ll be taking over our Instagram! Check out our Q&A with Conrad and take his video for a spin below!

1. Favorite place to write a song? Big empty room with a piano

2. Funniest weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten inspiration from? Tire company sign for Firestone

3. Do you have any good luck charms? What are they? My Miraculous Mary Medallion (I also have it tattooed on my forearm)

4. Something fans don’t know about what goes into making a music video? Many, many fails and long long days of waiting around on sets

5. Do you ever practice looks in the mirror before you know you’re going to be in front of a camera? No I just play with my hair lol

6. What’s something you always say? “Sick”

7. What music artists are you currently listening to? Any guilty pleasures? James Bay, D’Angelo, Jess Glynne


8. Favorite emoji? 

9. Which app could you not live without? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat? Instagram – I really like taking photos

10. Best advice you’ve ever received? “Nothing is promised” and “Write what you know”