Buzz Bites: OMG Cara Delevingne Makes How Much A Day?!

Hi Tuesday, what’s shakin’? Let’s see what’s buzzing online!

In case you were wondering, Cara Delevingne is currently making around $13,057 A DAY. Ummmm can we all have that income! Way to go Cara!

Ummm this is scary…Selena Gomez is selling her house and moving because some creep won’t stop stalking her. Ew! Stay safe Sel!

Looks like exes CAN be friends. Apparently Miley Cyrus recently helped Liam Hemsworth pick out an adorable new puppy to adopt. Awww.

Kylie Jenner has spoken out about making her personal relationships public via her website and she is def not ashamed or shy to show who she’s dating!

Annnd Jennifer Lawrence had an awkward encounter with singer Olly Murs when he went in for a kiss…and it was all caught on camera…peep it below!