10 Things Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Relationship Has Taught Us

In Hollywood heartbreak news, word has been buzzing that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield‘s seemingly perfect relationship ended months ago, leaving all of us a little lost and wondering if true love can really last.

The good news is the pair are reportedly still close, on good terms, and will remain friends, but their relationship taught us 10 very important lessons we should never forget.

1. It’s possible to find a person who compliments you…not completes you.

2. When you find that person, it really will be you two against the world.

3. The ability to laugh with and at each other is so important to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

4. It’s cool to go out looking like you just rolled out of bed.

5. Showing support for your other half will only make them love you more.

6. Jealousy never helps a relationship grow.

7. There’s nothing more special than sharing a look between you and your significant other.

8. Spending some time apart to hang with your friends doesn’t mean you love your bf/gf any less.

9. It’s ok to show how excited you are about the person who makes you go all googly eyed.

10. If you break up and still really care about each other, it is possible to still be friends.