Lily-Rose Depp’s New Fame Is Already Getting Shade

Sup Tuesday…we’re past the Monday blues so let’s see what’s shakin’ on the world wide web!

Kylie Jenner just bought herself a $320,000 car, but now fans are scared she’s going to crash her car and THIS is why.

Lily-Rose Depp is on the fasttrack to major fame, but not everyone is excited about her new Hollywood “it girl” status, just ask her dad, Johnny Depp.

Hey Sam Smith fans…have you seen the Brit’s new video for “Writing’s On The Wall” yet? Take it for a spin below.

Speaking of new music…Miley Cyrus has dropped a new song, “Hands Of Love.” You can hear it in full below.

Annnd…here’s a squirmy wormy awwww inducing cute kitten gif, because we all need some cozy fuzzy feels first thing in the morning.