Kate Hudson Addresses Nick Jonas Dating Rumors…Kinda

Good news guys…it’s Thursday which means tomorrow is Friday! Let’s start the day with all the buzz running around on the world wide web!

Kate Hudson kind-of sort-of, but not really addressed the speculaiton swirling around her maybe romance with Nick Jonas on See What Happens Live. Peep the video below!

Time to offically freak out and celebrate! New emojis have arrived including the long awaited TACO! Woo hoo!

Wilmer Valderrama posted an adortably cute payback photo of girlfriend Demi Lovato who posted a pic of him sleeping not too long ago.

Beyonce‘s dad is claiming the queen Bey is actually 2 years older than she says she is! Whut.

Congrats to Selena Gomez! The singer, actress, and alll around sweetheart has been booked to perform atthis year’s American Music Awards! Woo hoo!