Android Mobile Marketing Software to send SMS globally from Mac machine

Download DRPU Mac Bulk SMS Software for Android Mobile

Mac Bulk Messaging Software for Android instantly sends group SMS to single or list of contact number from android mobile connected with Macintosh machine. This program promotes your business brand, service, product at national or international market via broadcasting messages. Text SMS Application delivers standard as well as notification messages from PC at global mobile network. Android Bulk SMS Tool forwards multiple text messages in different language from Mac machine without internet gateway or SMS service pack.

Mac Group Text Messaging Application automatically skips duplicate entries during message sending process. Bulk SMS Program offers Exclusion list wizard option to maintain lists of contact number which you may need to exclude time to time when sending messages. Software facilitates to load contact number saved in text file formats. This program is compatible to work with all major android technology based devices.

Android Mobile SMS Software for Mac composes and sends thousands of text messages from your android phone connected with Apple OS. Send alerts, share market updates, product launching details, business campaign, reminder, advertising, promotional and other personalized SMS.

Features of Mac Text Messaging Software for Android Mobile:

  • SMS Application sends messages that contain English or Non-English characters.
  • Skip duplicates number entries if typed or enter mistakenly.
  • Save sent messages to templates that can be used later whenever required.
  • Maintain list of contact number when sending SMS using Exclusion list wizard option.
  • No internet connection is required to send bulk messages at global mobile networks.

Steps to send messages using Android mobile connected with Macintosh machine:

Step 1: In software initial screen, click on Mobile Phone connection wizard option to start connection process between Android device and Mac machine.


Step 2: Wizard shows connected Android Mobile information then click on “Use selected Device to send SMS”.

Step 3: Enter recipient number and compose your messages or you can use Load Recipient number to import contact number from saved in text file formats or use “add or paste number manually” option.

Now, we typed the contact numbers using “Add or Paste number manually” option then click on Ok button.

Step 4: Compose messages and click Apply this message to list items. Here we used Exclusion List wizard option to exclude contact numbers when sending SMS.

For easily identification give name to your Exclusion list.

Browse exclusion list saved in text file formats or you can enter exclusion number. Save your created Exclusion list.

You have Exclusion lists of contact number. Select according to your need then click on Save button.

Step 5: Software send messages by using Single-Shot execution mode or One-by-One contact process mode. Select Skip duplicate numbers, save sent items, Messages contains non-English character and more option. Finally Click on Send button.

Progress bar shows your sending process status.

Step6: You can export all sent information details in Text or HTML file formats.

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