1D Is Apparently Throwing Shade At Taylor Swift In New Video

Hey remember when Taylor Swift and Harry Styles were dating? Remeber how Taylor was sort of a cling-on and scared Harry away? Remember how Taylor wrote songs about Harry and he just kind fo kept quiet and tried to avoid addressing it too much?

Well it seems Harry and his One Direction mates have finally responed to Taylor’s former cray cray behavior with their new video for “Perfect.” If you ‘ve seen Tay’s video for “Style,” you’re going to see several “coincidences” between the two videos.

Clouds and reflections being ever present throughout their video seems to be a direct reference to Taylor’s imagery. I suggest you head over to Mashable for their impeccable in-depth breakdown, but you can check out 1D’s vidoe above and watch Tay’s below and judge for yourself.

Do you think One Direction is throwing intentional shade at Taylor Swift?