The Secret About Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, might just be Hollywood’s cutest new “it” couple. The pair have been going strong for the past six months and have given fans juuuust enough to keep them satisfied and feeling secure that no break up is on the horizon, but also maintained enough privacy to keep us all guessing on what turn their relationship will take next.

Well, turns out the secret to having such a close bond stems from sharing super personal things. According to Us Weekly, Taylor has a special name for her boyfriend that not many know about.

“Taylor always calls Calvin by his birth name, Adam, and never Calvin in private,” a source close to the couple exclusively told Us Weekly. “Taylor gets all dressed and glammed up whenever she is going to see him to look her best.”

Aww…sounds incredibly cute and a true sign of intimacy and committment between the two. Sounds like they’re rock solid. Woo hoo!