Robert Pattinson Admits He Avoided The Grocery Store For 6 Years

It’s no secret Robert Pattinson is an insanely private person. He may have a natural talent for acting, but living life in the spotlight is something he can do without. While he can thank the Twilight franchise for skyrocketing him to Hollywood’s A-list, he recently sat down with NME and spilled on how it ruined his freedom to go to the supermarket for six years.

“I had people sitting outside my house every single day, and it drove me crazy,” he said. “I didn’t go into a supermarket for about six years.”

Fortunately for Rob, Twilight is no longer pop-culture’s current phenomenon, things have chilled, and he can now feel safe walking down the aisles and buying cereal again.

“I can go in and chat to the guy who’s working there about his kids or where he’s going on holiday, and not be thinking, ‘Is he gonna sell me out?’ I just don’t have to think about that stuff anymore.”

Hmmm…I guess it’s pretty safe to assume, that although it sounded like Rob was up for another Twilight movie, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Do you want to see another Twilight movie happen?