Gigi Hadid Slams Body Shamers With Inspiring Instagram Post

The big reason why Gigi Hadid makes a great model, is because she’s not the norm of what models have typically looked like. Sure she has the height, but she’s got curves and a healthy look about her, which is a stark contrast to the gaunt, and often times, bony girls strutting down the runway.

Her online following is massive, she’s got an A-list crew of friends, and an equally famous boyfriend in Joe Jonas, who absolutely adores her. So naturally she’s bound to get haters. Of course, the go-to troll move has been to attack Gigi’s physical appearance. Telling her she isn’t meant to be a model, is too fat to walk a runway, blah blah, it’s bullying and totally uncool.

While she has stayed quiet and gone about her life, enough was enough and Gigi finally took to her Instagram to shut down the haters, shamers, and trolls telling them exactly what was up with their opinion of her.

If that isn’t the most inspiring and truthful way to shut down haters, I don’t know what is. Nice going Gigi!

Does Gigi inspire you?