You Won’t Believe What The Modeling Industry Thinks Is Too Big

When it comes to our bodies, we have zero control over what we’re born with. However, regardless of what we’re given, it’s best not to compare outselves to others and work with what we’ve got!

Of course there are those who come into the world perfectly proportioned and have everything it takes to make a living off their looks. For Swedish model Agnes Hedengard, she launched her own successful modeling career when she was 14.

Standing 5’11, the blonde haired stunner looks to be a perfect candidate for runways and high fashion editorials, but in a recent YouTube video poseted to her account, she calls out the modeling industry for saying she’s too big.

Standing in undergarments, the now 19-year-old shows off her perfect 10 figure in the mirror explaining she no longer books jobs because she has been told by agencies that she is too big. Her video casts a glaring light on the seriously messed up standards of the fashion industry and serves as wake up call that things need to change.

Watch Agnes’ video above and shout out your thoughts in the comments below!