Taylor Swift Is Losing Sleep Over A Guy And It Isn’t Calvin!

Last Fall when Taylor Swift‘s 1989 was released, everyone pretty much lost their shit over her first pop album and it became the best selling record of 2014.

With awards, nominations, special appearances, sick videos, an insanely cool #squad, and new boyfriend at her back in support, it’s no wonder Taylor is basically ruling the universe right now.

Sure there have been covers of her songs, but alt-country rocker, Ryan Adams is taking it to a whole new level by taking on the ambitious task of recording 1989 in its entirety, but in a style closely resembling The Smiths. Whut?!

Ryan posted updates of the project to his Instagram early Aug.6 and when Taylor got wind of it, basically had a hissy fit of happiness which prevented her from sleeping.

I’m a HUGE Ryan Adams fan and I’m sure he’s going to absolutely murder it! Can’t wait…can you?