Pro Tip On Falling In Public: Demi Lovato Style

We all love and adore Demi Lovato, so when she has her own, very public, OMG moments, we’re more than forgiving and end up scratching our heads wondering how the 23-year-old so flawlessly handles what would normally make anyone else turn red.

Over the years, Demi has had her fair share of falling down in public. Blame it on clunky shoes, a slippery surface or just a moment of losing her balance, but one thing is certain, Demi can always laugh it off and keep smiling.

With a new school year stretched ahead of us, there’s bound to be moments of mortification, especially if it’s a major trip up in front of your crush. But before your ears start burning and you decide the bathroom stall is the best place to spend the rest of your day, take a look at Demi’s most famous trips and falls below for the confidence to keep your head held high.

What’s your biggest OMG moment?