Kendall Jenner Has Gone Goth And It. Is. Everything.

It was obvious from a young age Kendall Jenner was destined to be a model. The 5’10” beauty has seen more photoshoots, runways and media attention in the past couple years than most models see in their entire career.

While she is the most laid back of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, she has no problem keeping us on our toes with daring photo shoots, and extreme chameleon transformations which have made jaws drop more than a few times.

The most recent extreme makeover is potentially one of the coolest I’ve seen…Kendall went goth.

Posing in an undisclosed shoot, Kendall’s hairstylist, Davy Newkirk posted an awesomely edgy photo of Kendall to his instagram looking like a natural goth. Wearing a long black wig complete with blunt Betty Paige style bangs, Kendall’s seriously dark lip, eye makeup, and paler-than-thou skin compliment her beaded lace top, giving her an undeniably mysterious and slightly menacing look.

Pulling off goth is no easy feat, but on Kendall, it looks effortless and just another example of why she’s one of the industries most in-demand faces.

What do you think of Kendall’s goth look?