Ew! Twitter Trolls Attack Zendaya’s Parents Calling Them ‘Ugly’

Wow…Thursday got here real quick. We’re almost to the weekend! Let’s see what’s poppin’ on the world wide web!

Mahomies are freaking out over Austin Mahone‘s decision to chop his hair off

. LOL…if you’re freaking out too, it’s chill…just remember, hair grows back!

Um EW! Twitter trolls attacked Zendaya‘s parents by calling them ugly. What the hell?! First of all, they are NOT ugly by any means, but of course Zendaya, being the beautiful and level headed young woman that she is, took the high road and responded in the classiest way EVER. I just love her.

My favorite model, Karlie Kloss is sprinkling her magic do-gooding fairly dust all over her new campaign for Mark Fisher shoes. This fall when you purchase one of the line’s adorable gotta-have styles $20 will be donated to her charity, Kode Wtih Karlie.

Um hi…can we all collectively squeal that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are teaming up to co-write and star in a movie together?? Ahhh!

And for your daily dose of LOL…check out this hilarious pic of Oscar winning actress, Anne Hathaway wearing her Givenchy purse as a hat. That’s what I call a selfie!