Ariel Winter Opens Up About Her Breast Reduction Surgery

Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday! Let’s see what’s making people click on teh world wide web!

The trailer for Life is out, chronicling the time spent between Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock, played by Robert Pattinson, and the then, yet-to-be-famous, actor James Dean, played by Dane DeHaan. Click to below to watch!

The cult romance flick, The Notebook, is being turned into a TV show. That is all.

Modern Family star Ariel Winter has gone public with news that she underwent breast reduction surgery this past June. In case you’re wondering, she’s feeling much happier and confident. Yay!

In what could be one of the coolest tributes to Taylor Swift, one truly dedictaed fan, spent a week setting up an impressive domino tribute to the worldwide music sensation. I mean, even Taylor took notice aqnd tweeted about it! Check it out for yourself below!

Annnd…HAHAHA…you HAVE to watch this video of Little Mix freaking out a massive bug right in the middle of an acoustic performance in Phoenix AZ. Hahahahahaha…