Whoa! Lorde Got Super Mushy About Her Boyfriend On Instagram

We’re coming close to the end of another week! Now that it’s Thursday, let’s see what’s buzzing on the world wide web!

Lorde, who generally keeps her lips zipped about her relationship with boyfriend James Lowe, became a big mushball for his birthday that just passed. The singer posted way too cute Instagrams about him and wasn’t shy to profess her love for her long standing love.

There’s an insane new song and video out called “Tiny Backpack”…I wouldn’t call it the song of summer, but wow is it hilarious! Check it out below!

Congrats to Kylie Jenner for graduating high school! Yes she was homeschooled, but the reality star and all around “it” girl deserves all the snaps and congrats!

Rihanna has dropped a new fragrance, the eight for the Grammy winning beauty. Riri will be out later this summer but the campaign arthas been released, which shows Rihanna as a true pink dream draped in rosy satin!

Selena Gomez got some serious birthday love from her famous friends on social media no doubt makes a case for having major #birthdaygoals.