Summer Style Staple: The Rock Tee

If there’s one thing you need in your summer wardrobe aside from your favorite floral dress, it’s a really good broken in rock tee.

When I first started wearing them I was a littel self-concious, worried that I woudl look awkward or peopel might start questioning me what my favorite song was of the band I was wearing across my chest, but as soon as I slipped on my first one, I was gooked.

The great thing about having a rock tee in your wardrobe, is that it is totally versatile! You can dress it up with a cute skirt, heels, and accessories for a night out, throw it on with a pair of ratty cutoffs for a day at the beach, and use it as a sleep shirt for nights when you are literally too tired to do anything than just take off your pants.

If you don’t have one, or do have one and you’re just not sure how to style it, take note from teh gallery below and have your eyes opened to the wonderful world of owning a tee that will change your wardrobe forever.