The Reformation Brings Back ‘I’m Up Here’ Line For Bigger Busts

If you’ve ever clicked into The Reformation’s website, chances are within the first few minutes of scrolling through their line of super feminine dreamy dresses, you’ll have a long list of what you have to have and save for.

For a company who listens to their customers and tailors their clothes to the request of buyers, be it petites, those financially strapped, or the environmentally concious, they’ve heard the cries of women with bigger busts and answered their prayers to create suitable styles for the top heavy woman who’s dying to don a soft floral frock.

Carefully considering where bra straps and bands sit, cup size, and comfort, their second run of their playfully titled, I’m Up Here, line consists of four dresses, a coord set, and a body suit fitting buyers up to a DD cup.

Woo hoo! Take a look at a few of the styles below and head on over to The Reformation to see the rest and get your shop on now!