Nick Jonas Shares His Thoughts On The Perfect Beach Body

I’ve known Nick Jonas since before the Jonas Brothers were even a big deal. He’s always been the most stoic of the bunch, quiet, thoughtful, and wise beyond his years.

His acceptance of people’s differences is unparralled, and once again has proved he is nothing short of an angel when he sat down with Refinery 29 to chat about the struggle women deal with when it comes to body image, accepting their curves, and letting them be seen at the beach.

Society has been working hard to change the idea that beauty only comes with being tall and model thin. With this current movement to empower and embrace the beauty of all women, magazines and online editorial outlets have begun using more plus size models and “real” people to promote a healthier body image and give a more realistic view of what the majority of women look like.

Nick wasn’t shy to share that he’s a fan of girls with curves and finds them beautiful. “I love curves,” he told the lifestyle site. “I mean, that’s not advice, but that’s just my opinion.”

And when it comes to who should and shouldn’t be walking around the beach in a bikini, Nick says discrimination of any body type can’t be justified.

“All body types are beach bodies,” he said. “It’s about being okay with that and being okay with yourself. I think it’s all about confidence, because that is beauty for sure.”

Ugh…he’s just the BEST.