Hayley Williams Gets Serious Ink For New Found Glory’s ‘Vicious Love’ Video

If there’s one celebrity couple who we can’t get enough of, it’s Hayley Williams and Chad Gilbert. The pop/punk/rock couple has been together forever, is engaged to be married, and have now collaborated on a new song, “Vicious Love” for Chad’s band New Found Glory.

The song is a seamless execution of heavy riffing guitars, driving beats, and vocal work by Hayley and NFG’s Jordan Pundik, but the video is the real gem. Set in a fictitious “Vicious Love” tattoo shop, couples in love come in to get permanently inked to link their love together forever and end up with some seriously bad tattoos!

Even Hayley gets inked with ahuge “CHAD” tattoo across her stomach, but don’t worry…it’s fake!

Take the video for a spin above and be prepared to press replay…it’s just that good!