Coolest TV, Movie, Music Memorabilia

As humans, we find ourselves captivated with certain movies, songs, and TV shows. Whether or not you blame Netflix or Spotify for your addiction, sometimes you just can’t get enough. But there’s only so many concert tees you can have and there aren’t many movie props that will actually be used in the real world, so we decided to roundup the best TV/Movie/Music-themed items that are actually usable, wearable, and freakin’ awesome.

Marvel Avengers Nike Unisex Shoes, KSM Custom Kicks.

Even if you’re not a huge comic fan, you have to admit, these shoes are freakin’ rad. Avengers + Nikes? Yes. Whether it’s errands, exercising, or just for play—I’d wear these shoes everywhere! This shop offers American flag and galaxy print options, as well in all sizes and different colors.

Fleetwood Mac Ring, Bonny and Reed.

Music fans, rejoice. This shop makes handstamped rings featuring lyrics from your favorite bands and songs. This ring has lyrics from Fleetwood’s “Rhiannon” around the outside, letting you carry the words with you, always. It’s truly an inspirational piece—I love it and so many more in the shop. Shop now!

Beach Boys Vnyl Clock, Abbazappa.

Who doesn’t love classic 60’s music? This is exactly what it looks like—a vinyl turned clock. From Coldplay to The Beatles, this shop offers unique vinyl clocks for every music lover. This one is personally my favorite, because who doesn’t get happy thinking of “Good Vibrations”? It’s the perfect item for a new homeowner or music memorbilia collector.

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow Tank Top, Crafts By Casaverde.

Am I the only one who waterfalled-out a ton of tears during the Gilmore Girls finale (and let’s be honest, the entire season)? If you’re like me and love the show, you owe yourself this tank. Let’s talk specs—it fits great, feels great, and well, duh, it’s STARS HOLLOW merchandise. Shop now to get this awesome top and feel like a local of the best town ever.

Harry Potter Glasses Ring, Shopebbo.

Bring the magic from Harry Potter out of the movies and carry it everywhere with you. This one-of-a-kind minimalist ring sports the iconic glasses and scar (if you’re a true fan, you get it), in both gold and silver. I would wear it everyday. It’s just so fun and magical!

Dundie Award Trophy, My Party Shirt.

If you’re a devoted fan of The Office, you know all about the annual Dundie Awards and you are most likely jaw-open stoked right now looking at this item (like I was). Have you always wanted one for yourself or a friend? Well now you can officially present one. These are also a wonderful idea for birthdays, Christmas gift, and just because. Shop now and thank me later.

Second Star Flannel, Cakeworthy.

Flannels are officialy back and better than ever. This one is Disney inspired, with the most famous quote from Peter Pan. It’s almost secret-hidden memoribilia, unless you’re a real fan. You could wear this with virtually anything, or tie it around your waist like the 90s!

Hand-Knitted Elsa Doll, Glory Girls Dolls.

Bring Frozen to life with this amazingly-cool knitted doll. This shop offers the most beautiful handmade Disney dolls you’ll ever see! I want every princess! The owner is incredibly talened and takes custom orders, as well! Perfect gift of present for kiddos.

Orange Is The New Black Print, Karen Walk.

Netflix crazy? If you love OITNB and you have a loved one, this is the perfect thing to hang in your house or give as a gift! Crazy Eyes is obviously the favorite of the show (or maybe I’m biased), so this print is a must.

Anchorman, Earmark.

Bored at work? Sick of school? Just freaking love Ron Burgundy? Me too. These pencils feature different quotes from Anchorman. They’re cool enough to frame, and almost too cool to use. They’re a must for any comedy fan.

Breakfast At Tiffanys, Little Magic Pieces

Who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn (especially in this movie)?! If you’ve seen the flick, you know this iconic sleep mask (and probably have wanted it ever since). Well, now it can be yours. This idential mask is carefully handmade. The shop offers sizes in kid and adult, making a perfect item for bachelorette or birthday parties!

Winter Diet Long-Sleeve Cassidy Thermal, Wildfox.

If you know me, you know my obsession with Wildfox AND my love for The Great Gastby. The whimsical brand recently released a Gatsby-themed collection featuring ultra-cool inspired tops, pants, sweaters and more, like this fun “Champagne!” thermal. It’s perfect to wear for nights out or parties in!