The Best Summer Style Finds To Shop On Etsy

When you think of Etsy, you might imagine art, vintage items, and home goods, but there’s a whole other world out there and we’re talking style. Believe it or not, you can find some of the most exclusive, designer-quality clothing and accessories.

From unique, minimalist apparel to one-of-a-kind handcrafted shoes and jewelry, there’s something for everyone. What makes it even more special is knowing that you won’t match every other girl in the world, like when you shop Urban Outfitters or Forever 21. I’ve gathered my most favorite items from the best clothing and accessory shops on Etsy below for you to explore (and own before they’re gone). Shop now before these designers blow up, so you can say you owned one of their very first pieces! Trust me.

1 | Yucu Ninu

Yucu Ninu is a shop dedicated to showcasing true talent and craft through their embroidered pillows, bedding, table runners, and clothing. The shop works in collaboration with real artisians throughout Mexico and is also fair trade. I’m in love with the authenticity and uniqueness of the shop!

Mexican Blouse

2 | Adi Kilav

Classic contemporary meets modern-whim in this gorgeous Israel-based shop. Here, you’ll find handmade, unique men and women’s shoes, handbags, and much more—all made with the high-quality leather and lots of character. Every part of the design is made by Adi Kilav, who started the company in his 40s, is able to have a hands-on experience throughout the entire process, from design to manufacturing, making sure nothing leaves the shop less than perfect.

Womens Oxford Shoes

Yellow Leather Sandals


Lovers of clean, natural, beautifully-simplstic design—rejoice! not PERFECT LINEN is a product of dreamers who wish to spread the appreciation of “homemade”, which is exactly what they do. You won’t see any perfect seams or factory ironing here—only raw, real, practical designs with genuine materials and lots of character. I’m literally in love with this shop and want so many more items. I can’t get enough!

Ice Blue Linen Blouse + Black Linen Pants

White Linen Blouse + Grey Linen Pants

4 | Kiss Me Bang Bang

These days, you can say just about anything with a t-shirt, thanks to awesome shops like Kiss Me Bang Bang. Based in Thailand, the online store offers some of the most cheeky, lovable shirts, tanks, and totes available on the internet, and for a great price. I love a good statement tee—especially when it’s humorous or Harry Potter-inspired. Find more options on their official website.

Plants Are Friends Tank

I Do Marathons (On Netflix) Tank

5 | SD Marie Jewelry

I fell in love with this shop at first site. SD Marie Jewelry is a Minnesota-based shop that offers beautifully-modern, simplistic necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, ear cuffs, toe rings, anklets, and more. This jewelry is truly wearable art. It’s also a one-person shop, so every item is carefully and uniquely handmade. I adore everything in this shop and want so much more!

Parallel Bar Ring

Bar Earring Studs

6 | Complus

This Beijing-based shop offers ahead-of-the-curve, handmade clothing for women. Think linen harem pants, oxford tops, oversized overalls, printed cotton dresses, canvas bags, and much more. Every piece is simple, fun, and perfect for everyday wear. Not to mention, they’re amazingly-priced. Shop Complus now and thank me later!

Loose Natural Ramie Bib Overalls

Natural Loose Linen Loose Harem Pants