Ariana Grande Is Being Investigated By Police For Spitting On Donuts

One more day until it’s the weekend! Woo Woo! Here’s what’s buzzing online…

The comicon poster for Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart‘s new movie, American Ultra is out and OMG…can we please watch it right now??

The lineup for the Global Citizen’s Festival is out and OMG it looks sooo good. If you’re in NYC and able to snag a ticket, there’s zero reason to miss the Sept. 26th Central park concert. Um hello…BEYONCE is going to perform…nuff said.

Ariana Grande spit on some donuts, which were then sold to unsuspecting customers, and is now being investigated by police. OMG…grozz…Check the video HERE.

Justin Bieber got new ink, and it’s seriously as selfless and heart warming as you can get.

Taylor Swift might be joining the cast of X-Men playing the part of Dazzler. Ha! Shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for the pop mega star and do gooder extraordinaire!