Would You Rock: Taylor Swift’s…Harness?

When it comes to fashion, if you’re fearless or living in the spotlight, more liberties can be (and are!) taken when it comes to stepping out in something a little weird, a little unexpected and daring.

Case in point: On a day off from her 1989 World Tour, Taylor Swift met up with bestie, Selena Gomez for a casual lunch in LA. Everything about her outfit was on point: denim shorts, a graphic tee and ankle boots worked seamlessly together, accented by an embellished Louis Vuitton bag, but it was the harness she was wearing which elevated her look from cute and casual to a straight conversation starter.

The belted accessory looks to be like a next level body chain, but kinda reminds me of something I use to keep my winter blankets rolled up. LOLzzz…Credit to Taylor for taking a fashion risk…not sure I’d rock it, but it’s impossible to hate on someone for pushing the style envelope.

Would you rock Taylor’s harness?