Would You Rock: Rihanna’s New Flash Tattoo Line

Rihanna is a self-admitted tattoo addict. The 27-year-old music mega star has over 20 tattoos all over her body, with likely more to come. While the idea of getting the kind of art she’s put on her body sounds exciting, fun, and on trend, geting inked is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Fortunately, flash tattoos have come to the forefront as a sweet fashion accessory that doesn’t last forever, and Rihanna is using the trendy opportunity to share her body art with fans with her own line of eye catching flash tatts.

Coming to you in gold and black designs, you’ll have your pick of knuckle, nameplate, choker, cuticle, hand tatts (and more!) to choose from.

Check out the gallery of images below!

Would you rock Rihanna’s flash tatts?