Time Out: Justin Bieber And Cody Simpson Just Did The Coolest Thing

If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber and/or Cody Simpson, you understand it can be reeaaalllly hard to get a ticket to one of hteir shows. Aside from getting into one of their concerts, getting close enough to the guys is damn near impossible. However if you happen to live in Los Angeles and were at The Nice Guys restaurant on Monday night, you basically got a front row seat to an impromptu mini-concert from the two.

The two music stars were out together when they decided to take over the restaurant and treat fellow diners to a mix of covers including Tracy Chapman‘s “Fast Car,” and Edwin Mccain‘s “I’ll Be.”

Anyone else feeling all the green jelly beans right now? Well just so you don’t feel too left out, TMZ was lucky enough to capture a small snippet of the two. Click play above to see the heartthrobs in action.