Exclusive: Cody Crump Premieres NK Remix Of ‘1989’ + Talks All Things Swift

One listen to LA’s Cody Crump and you might as well be transported back to the late eighties. Crump has just recently released an EP titled, Death, but don’t let the title fool you. While the EP may have some welcome doom and gloom, it also touches on that dark yet pleasant, Depeche Mode-esque vibe bound to be craved by new-wavers everywhere.

While 80’s synthpop is all the rage at the moment, there are bound to be some creative similarities thrown into the mix every now and then. Crump’s recent single, “1989,” mirrors the same title as reigning new queen of pop, Taylor Swift, (personally, I think it encapsulates the true meaning of the decade better than Swift’s notion) but make no mistake on authenticity here.

Buzznet is happy to premiere the NK remix of Cody Crump’s “1989” below, which, described by Crump, “is about the circle of life. Not unlike the fantastic song from ‘The Lion King’ sung by the legendary ‘Sir Elton John’, but less lions.”

I got to chat with the rather bemusing electro rock god himself on all things music, 80’s and Taylor Swift. Turns out we both still have no idea what’s going on and he wants your bum to hurt. Wait..what?

No disrespect to Miss. Swift but I think your “1989” embodies what music was really about in that decade. Were you adament about releasing a song with the same title as Swift’s album?

Thank you. I hope it embodies some of what I love about the music of that decade – while also bringing something new to the table. No – I wrote the song seven years ago, when she released her album I cried for seven days straight.

Your #CrumpandSwift Instagram series is hilarious! I hope she sees them. Any hopes for that one to turn into anything? 😛

I honestly have no idea. We just thought we’d have a little fun with the fact that any time someone saw my song they would immediately think of Taylor Swift. I think she is immensely talented, and in a unique position. So who knows.. I mainly just want to know what it is like to french kiss a human…

I’m completely, madly in love with the synthpop genre, and I think it’s so rad that our generation has not only revived what artists were trying to do in our birth years but improve it as well. What inspired this release and does it coincide with the music you grew up listening to?

I don’t remember exactly why I wrote it. I was listening to The Cure and Erasure, and had just moved to the city. I thought I was starting to understand the realities of growing up and what it really meant. Seven years later – I still have no idea what the hell is going on.

Anything you want listeners to know about “1989” and the remix we’re premiering today?

I hope it makes people want to dance around till their butt cheeks hurt.

The original version of “1989” is available on Cody Crump’s Death EP here.