So it’s been a long time since I’ve done a blog and I have so many photos taken while I was out on the road in various places. Most of these photos are from March and April so you will notice the lack of spring !!!

Unaware that I had a camera pointed at them since they were looking in the other direction 😀

Just had to get this one since one of our Buzznet friends is SUZQ : )


I always seem to get stuck at this traffic light in Huntington 😀

I don’t know if this is Good or Bad since I don’t follow that kind of music …..

I guess they like to do Rally’s

I think I should try it to see if it works !!!

OH I want them 😀

I didn’t know Hello kitty barked 😀

Stuck in traffic again this place usually looks a lot cheerier 😀

I’m not kidding either 😀

The dog looks a little bit lonely !!!

We had our St. Patrick’s Day dinner in this restaurant FARADAY’S lovely little pub and great food : )

OH they do !! The best kind of dog is one that needs a home : )

I didn’t get to see if they were FLAWLESS !

She is definitely Flawless : )

That’s a nice size family 😀

It was a rainy day and I pass this fire department usually very fast so I think the photo came out pretty good 😀

I love Bumblebees so this is a very cool license plate ……

This is an Osprey nest in my town and last week I was able to get some photos of one standing on the nest. I’m not sure if it’s the male or female but I did see one chicks head sticking up. Amazing birds : )

So now for the last two photos my doctor has this sign in the bathroom and I always obey it 😀

And my favorite find since I love all my BANDS ……..

I hope you enjoyed another trip with me while I’m out on the road 😀