Did Kylie Jenner Just Fat Shame Herself?

There are many reasons to be jelly of Kylie Jenner, but being watched 24/7 and picked apart for every little change in her physical appearance is something I think we’re all ok to live without. Still, Kylie handles the attention, haters, and gossip like a champ. However, in a recent instagram post, the youngest of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan, pointed out what she felt could be seen as a physical flaw before anyone had the chance to make a comment.

Posed in a sleek black one piece bathing suit and leather lace up thigh high boots, Kylie captioned the instagram pic, “behind the scenes. (yes I gained weight there I said it so u don’t have too) :)”

Wait…did Kylie just semi-fat shame herself? Pointing out that she apparently gained a few pounds when she looks incredible seemed a little unecessary, and sad that she felt the need to. Of course it’s only natural to feel self concious when it seems like basically the entire world is watching her every move, but…c’mon…shouldn’t this be a huge red flag that people need to lay off on the hate?

Kylie later changed the caption to just, “behind the scenes,” so let’s hope she realized she doesn’t need to justify her looks to anyone.

Do you think Kylie should have pointed out her weight gain?