Designer Spotlight: Spool No. 72

If you’re like me, you get tired of seeing the same designs, prints, and ideas being produced from chain clothing stores. Not to mention, that feeling when you realize just about every girl in your city has the same top as you. If you want truly unqiue styles, you have to look harder. When it comes to free-spirited, dreamy clothing, Spool No. 72 is king. From dresses to tops, boots and jewelry, this store offers some of the most whimsical, quality, bohemian-inspired clothes and accessories.

This family-owned company got their start by selling handmade goods by the carload at the farmer’s market every weekend. Eventually, Spool No. 72 grew such a large following that they made the decision to open an online boutique, and the rest is history. What makes this company different from other online shops is that each item is carefully hand-selected with customers in mind. They also only stock a small number of each item, so customers are sure to find a very unique, almost one-of-a-kind piece.

Here I’m wearing Spool’s Festival Dress and White Scarf

I absolutely adore this shop. I drool over their new products posted on their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook daily. I know you will too. Shop Spool No. 72 now and thank me later!