Buzz Bites: Your Daily Pop Culture Fix

We’re getting close to Friday! Let’s check out what’s buzzing online…

Kim Kardashian went on record to spill how she and Kanye West ended up together.

A nw study is out letting the world know, those catchy lyrics you can’t get out of your head have been getting dumber and dumber as years go by.

Rebel Wilson has been outed for lying abouther age. Turns out the 29-year-old Pitch Perfect 2 star is really 35!

Lorde has fired back at close minded men with an empowering tweet that has given us the perfect response for any guy with a misogynistic attitude.

Are you a fan of Christina Aguilera? Well you’re in luck, the Grammy winning The Voice coach has released a lyric video for her song, “Anywhere But Here.” Take it for a spin below.