90 Seconds Will Change Your Mind On The Pressure To Be Perfect

It’s really hard to not get down on yourself or feel kind of fugly after seeing a stunning photo of a top model or celebrity. The flawless skin, perfect jaw lines, unusually straight teeth, and perfectly symetrical big eyes is the stuff jealousy is made of, but guess what, it’s all made up…well for the most part.

We all know about photo re-touching, but Elizabeth Moss, founder of Rare Digital Art, has released a series of 90 second videos showing what six hours or more of photshop can do to a photo. Elizabeth explained to Today.com she hopes her video series will open the eyes of girls to what it really takes to make models and celebrities picture perfect.

“I hope that young people understand that what they see in magazines should not be setting a beauty standard for them to try to achieve,” she said. “Even without retouching, models make up such a minuscule percentage of the world population it’s crazy to compare yourself to them. Then they have makeup, stylists, the best photographers, and people like me spending days to make the beautiful look even more beautiful. How could anyone expect to obtain that?!”

Check out one of her videos above and click HERE to see the rest on Rare Digital Art’s site.