WATCH: Friday Night Trend Share Video for “Wasted Youth”

Happy Friday! Here’s a concept I’ve been pondering for years. Pop/rock’s Friday Night Trend have rolled out a video for new single, “Wasted Youth.” If you’re currently a twenty-something dwelling on your current state, as most of us are, this one will hit you right in the feels. Who wouldn’t want to run through their city and treat yourself to a nice chocolate milk afterwards? OK may not the running part…

Singer Reid Soper had this to say about the video:

“We’re looking forward to the coming summer after a long and brutal winter here in Toronto, Canada. This new song is the perfect soundtrack to uninhibited summer nights and a promising sign of things to come. Running, biking, or walking, while the party never stops…Bellwoods Park, Bayfront, streetcars, College Street, Queen Street, all of the neighbourhoods and underpasses…through what seems like the entirety of the city.”

Check out “Wasted Youth” below:

“Wasted Youth” is available now HERE.

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