Want/Need: The Aether Cone

Meet the Aether Cone.

Say that it’s Friday evening and it’s time to start getting ready for a fun night out. You turn on your cone and press “play” and it starts blaring “Justin Timberlake” over Wi-Fi—not because you selected it, but because the cone knows that you love to listen to JT on Fridays at night. This is just one of the many awesome functions that the cone has. It learns exactly what you like to listen to everyday—morning, noon, and night, and selects tracks based off that.

This beautifully crafted speaker uses simple controls and advanced technology to play your favorite artists and music wirelessly through Rdio. You can also use bluetooth to play any other music library or streaming service–even postcasts! It comes in two options: Black with Copper (pictured) or White with Silver. The quality of the speaker is excellent and it’s incredibly easy to control.

The cone simply connects to your home Wi-Fi and music service of choice. Turn on the cone and hold the center button while speaking what song or artist you’d like to listen to. Turn the speaker slightly to the right, and it will play another track. Twist it to the left, and it repeats the last track. You can also download the Aether App to control music from your phone.

So what are you waiting for? Shop Aether now and thank me later.

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