Spring Home Decor Makeover Must-Haves

If you’re getting your own place soon, or just wanting to spruce up your pad, this is the perfect post for you. Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to do some spring cleaning and remodeling. Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry–I’ve collected some of the most awesome, beautiful home decor items I could find for you to drool-over and buy for your own home!

Navy Blue Porcelin Ring Dish, The Object Enthusiast

This is one of the most creative shops I’ve seen and I just love how unique + gorgeous the items are….from ring dishes to air planters. Follow @TheObjectEnthusiast on Instagram for more beautiful items.

AdamJK x UO Make Out Candle, Urban Outfitters

Why not get this candle to skip the BS and get to the point of the date!

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder, Influent.

This shop features the most whimsical, beautful, magical items like jewelry and crystals. Make sure to follow Influent on their Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the newest (coolest) items!

Bison Skull Wall Sculpture, Urban Outfitters

I love how simple this is and it’s FAUX, so no dead animal carcuses hanging on the wall.

Hey There | Take Care Mat, Dichotomat

Why have a boring, cliche welcome mat when you can have a quirky, super cute, door mat that everyone else will envy?

Crescent Moon Catch All Dish, Urban Outiftters

I’ve been in love with the moon ever since I can remember, and this wooden on is so minimal and cute!

Mini Hanging Faucet Vessel, The Object Enthusiast

Probably my favorite item from this shop….ok, maybe not because they’re all my favorites.

Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf, Urban Outfitters

Skip the traditional coffee table and opt for this dreamy hanging table! So whimsical.

Glass Terrarium, Lonesome Hobo

This is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. COOLEST terrariums ever! Follow @lonesomehobo on Instagram.

Peshta Blanket, Peshta Towels

Find out more about why peshtemals are SO much better than regual towels + blankets. I absolutely ADORE this shop beyond words. Best blankets + towels. I want them all! Make sure to follow @peshta_ on Instagram!

Magical Thinking Metal Triangle Wall Banner, Urban Outfitters

I’m obsessed with geometrics and banners, so this is pretty much a dream decor item.

Geometric Wooden Wall Art, Alaska Haze

Not the cliche painting/picture frame type of decorator? Looking for some kickass art for you room? Look no further. Coolest geometric designs ever on @Alaska Haze Instagram. LISTEN UP: You can use the code MWBUZZ for 10% off any order before June 1st! Shop quick!

Hand Dyed Throw Pillows, Canteen by Natalie

If you know me, you know I love tie dye (not middle school rainbow–the classy kind) and this shop’s got it, plus gorgeous weaving and dream catchers! Follow @gnatschultz on Instagram to drool over her other gorgeous products.

Plum & Bow Beware of Attack Cat Printed Rug, Urban Outifitters

I don’t even have a cat and I want this because–duh.

Rustic Arrow Wall Decor, Olive and Grain

These reclaimed wooden arrows are so minimalistic and gorgeous, they’ll work in any house and any room. Check out the rest of the items in this shop (and thank me later)!

Aurora String Lights, Anthropologie

If you have your house pretty much set, but just missing a little something, think lights. Lights add such a magical, friendly touch and they work virtually anywhere. I love these for the tiny bulbs and copper wire.

Linen Flag + Red Arrow Tea Towel, Kitch Studios

Add some personality to your home with a customized linen flag and a free-spirited tea towel (that reminds me of Peter Pan) for your kitchen. Follow @KitchStudios on Instagram for giveaways!