Sail Into The Sun: A Tribute to Gentlemen Hall

Boston synthpop band, Gentlemen Hall, have called it quits. In a somber yet rather refreshing handwritten note, posted to the band’s Facebook page, the band informed fans of the split and announced a new endeavour to look out for, Tribe Society.

Personally, the split comes to no surprise. Singer Cobi Mike left in 2014 to pursue a solo career and the band has been rather quiet since. Though it is always saddening to see a band with so much success and potential call it quits so abruptly, it’s also inspiring to see them move on to other projects.

I’ve been a huge supporter of Gentlemen Hall ever since I saw them perform at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. Since then, they’ve conquered the indie music scene with TV spots in ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, The CW’s 90210 and a Target commercial.

The band has played a huge part in my success here at BUZZNET, being my very first Artist Of The Month back in 2012, and for just being one of those bands you get happy goosebumps just writing about. I even got the opportunity to interview the Gents for BUZZNET’s Emerging Talent Month back in 2013.

I’ve put together a little tribute of the best of Gentlemen Hall. Thanks for the memories, guys! Here’s to a new beginning. 🙂

“Sail Into The Sun” was THE song that put GH on everyone’s radar.

This Kendrick Lamar cover is EPIC!

“All Our Love” created a lot of buzz in the blogosphere.

My personal favorite. ♥

Stay tuned for more on Tribe Society at the band’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages.