Maddie Ziegler As You’ve Never Seen Her In Sia’s ‘Big Girls Cry’

Maddier Ziegler is the millenial Alicia Silverstone. Like Alicia, Maddie has become the iconic face of a major music star. While, Alicia was in a trilogy of Aerosmith videos back in the ’90s (essentially giving her the big break she needed in Hollywood.), Maddie has appeared in videos for Sia‘s “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart” in a signature blonde bob wig and nude bodysuit.

These videos have put her on the map for not only being a dance talent to be reckoned with, but a pretty good little actress as well. In the third and final installment of her Sia video trilogy, “Big Girls Cry,” we get to see a side of Maddie we haven’t yet. The video centers on Maddie’s face with a stark black background and her expressions assisted only by her hands and, wow…is it GOOD.

I think it’s probably best for you to just take a break press play and be ready to have your mind blown by the 12-year-old wunderkind.