Demi Lovato Gets New Ink To Cover Up A Bad Kiss

I don’t have tattoos, but from what I’ve heard from pretty much every person who has gone under the needle multiple times, there are some tatts which have not stood the test of time and now hold a bit of regret.

Celebrities are not immune to this and ink enthusiast, Demi Lovato just took steps to rid her body of a certain tattoo she is now happy to forget.

I’m not sure how many tattoos Demi actually has, but the singer’s left wrist has long been marked with the word “Stay” (“Strong” is on her right wrist) and a pair of lips as if someone gave her arm a permanent kiss. Turns out Demi has not been a fan of the kiss mark and in lieu of going through painful laser surgery top remove the ink, Demi went to tattoo artist GEE of Gee Spot Tattoos to have him cover up the kiss with a stunning black and white rose.

Obvi she instagrammed the fresh ink captioning it:


What do you think of Demi’s new ink? Love it or no?