Best Drinks To Spring Into Warm Weather

It’s the time of the season for outdoor activities filled with sunshine, friends, festivals, and picnics. Instead of packing a boring soda or water for your next outing, why not bring some refreshing new flavors and ideas to try? Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered our favorite tips, tricks, and ready-to-drink concoctions for conquering the perfect spring beverages.

Fruit Ice Cubes.

Ever notice how fruit, herbs, or cucumber in water just makes it taste so much better? Once the ice cubes melt, you’re left with a chilled, delicious, naturally-enhanced drink that’s also beautiful! Simply freeze fruit and purified water in ice cube trays overnight before a gathering and take them along in a cooler for the most refreshing, ice-cold drinks. My favorite is probably mint or blueberry!

Anchorhead Coffee Ready-To-Drink Coffee Bottles

When you need coffee on-the-go, it can be expensive to always buy it out and it takes a while to make it at home and wait for it to chill. Well, those days are gone because Anchorhead Coffee‘s got you covered. Their delicious Cold Brew Bottled Coffee is ideal for warmer days and busy bodies. It’s smooth and perfecty blended, and basically happiness in a bottle. So easy to grab a bottle out of the fridge on your way out the door.

Belvoir Fruit Farms.

Spring is all about fresh flowers and fruit, which makes Belvoir Fruit Farms drinks the perfect beverage for the season. These single-serving drinks consist of natural fruit juice blended wih sparkling water (and we love anything carbonated)! They contain 100% natural ingredients, which makes them taste so fresh and good-for-you.


It can be difficult to drink the recommended amount of water everyday, especially when sometimes water just tastes… boring. I’ve found the solution. Stur is an all natural liquid water enhancer that contains ZERO sugar, ZERO calories, yet packed with 100% vitamin C. They’re SO refreshing and allow YOU to sweeten the water to your own liking. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I might have to go with Coconut Pineapple! These are perfect to throw in your purse (or murse) for everyday use.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Coffee ice cubes are one of the greatest ideas since putting peanut butter and chocolate together (thank you, God). I love iced coffee, but I hate having to drink it so fast before the ice melts. This way, there’s no more watered-down coffee! Simply pour leftover coffee (dark brew is best) into regular ice cube trays and freeze overnight. In the morning, you’ll have quick, delicious coffee cubes ready to throw into chilled coffee or your choice of milk.


Anyone else find yourself getting tired around early afternoon? If you’re like me and love a good afternoon pick-me-up, this drink is your new best friend. Guru is an Organic Energy Drink crafted with natural energy from green tea, ginseng, guarana, and echinacea. It tastes like a melted summer slushie! I’m OBSESSED. They have two versions: Regular + Lite, and before you go thinking the lite contains dangerous sweeteners, they strictly use organic cane syrup and stevia leaf extract.

Firefly Tonics

Firefly is an all-natural quirky beverage line made with fruit juices and botanical extracts (and absolutely nothing artificial)! Besides being addictingly good, these drinks are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that the body needs and craves. Try one over ice or take it to go on your next outing!